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The House

Laragai House is an eight-bedroom extravagant private country house on Borana Conservancy, in the heart of Kenya. It was originally built as a country retreat for two brothers; Lords Valentine and Michael Cecil.

Set in a rich and colourful garden, the house overlooks Borana Conservancy and northern Kenya overlooking the beautiful and natural landscape. The conservancy itself, which is privately owned by the Dyer family and covers a vast expanse of over 32,000 acres, is home to nine endangered species of wildlife, including both black and white rhino.

The house offers the ultimate in privacy and luxury; perfect for those looking for the perfect Kenya holiday, and comes into its own for birthday parties, groups, celebrations and inclusive family holidays.


Laragai House has eight bedrooms, and can comfortably sleep 16 guests in complete luxury, while remaining fully inclusive. Each room is unique in its own way, allowing for guests to see the best of the conservancy from every view.

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Drawing Room

At Laragai House, we want you to feel at home – the house was built as a home nearly thirty years ago by the Cecil brothers, and it remains a home of the current owners, George and Lucilla, whose family photos can be found around the Drawing Room.

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Dining Room

Laragai House maintains the feel of old-world luxury by following the directions given by Lord Michael and Lord Valentine when the house first was built.

Since the house was bought by George and Lucilla Stephenson, these traditions have continued on; lords, ladies, royalty, presidents, rockstars, celebrities and every other guest who has stayed with us have continued to enjoy this way of life.

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Safari is, of course, about exploring the wild expanses of Africa. But we know that, for our guests, a huge part of their trip to Laragai House will be to make sure they come back from their adventure feeling rested and relaxed. Learn more about the wellness activities that are available to Laragai House to leave you feeling rejuvenated.

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Access & Location

To enjoy your stay at Laragai House, we suggest your visit is no shorter than three nights allowing you to fully experience the wonders of Kenya, and the average stay of our guests is four or five nights. This will allow you to make the most of your time on Borana Conservancy and see what northern Kenya has to offer.

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Borana Conservancy

Laragai House can be found in the heart of the Borana Conservancy – the 32,000 acre private wildlife conservancy and working cattle ranch that is looked over by Mount Kenya; Africa’s second biggest mountain.

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