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Our History

Laragai House is the original and first Exclusive property safari destination on Borana Conservancy.  It was built in 1993  by  Andy Roberts, a longtime friend of Borana Conservancy and Director of The Safari and Conservation Company  and co owner of Manda Bay Hotel   for an English couple – Michael & Minnie Cecil and brother Valentine Cecil as their personal home.

In 2006, the Cecil’s returned to England and Laragai was opened for commercial use and over many years been renovated and updated for  use as an exclusive use house for guests. In 2015, Laragai House was bought by the current owners, George and Lucilla Stephenson who have lovingly made it  their home and continue to make improvements to make it one of the premier exclusive privately hosted homes in Kenya.

The house is built with stunning hardwood  finishes and floors and thick rough stone walls and reed thatching .  Valuable furniture and many years of collected art and possessions, books, art and photographs  give the house enormous personality and well loved feel about it.

The house has  a gym , breakfast deck and  a new bedroom cottage recently finished in 2018. Currently the house is managed and hosted by Bimbi Dyer, the wife of Fuzz Dyer , co-owner of Borana Conservancy.




A Home Away From Home

At Laragai House make yourself at home, our team of highly trained staff will take care of your every need.