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2019 week rate special

Do I need to take malaria tablets?

Laragai House is at a high altitude of 6,300 feet above sea level. This means that we get very few mosquitos, and rarely the ones that carry malaria, however we always suggest you speak to a doctor about your decision whether to take malaria tablets.

Is the water used for cooking fresh and clean?

Yes, in the kitchen, all the food preparation is done using clean, safe water. All our ice is also made from filtered water.

Do you have WiFi?

The House has excellent WiFi across the whole property – it is some of the best in the area – as well as a small study which guests are welcome to use if and when the need.

What power sockets does Laragai House have?

220 / 240 volts AC. Plugs are the same as can be found in the UK. We suggest you bring adaptors are they are hard to find in Kenya, as we only has a limited amount.

Is there an age limit for visiting Laragai House?

Absolutely not! We welcome all ages at Laragai House.

Our staff are great with children and we have a number activities available to keep the little ones entertained. If needed, we can provide a nanny to look after children while parents and adults are eating or relaxing in the evening. We can also make children meals to be eaten earlier than the adults.

We also welcome groups of multi-generations. Laragai House is well laid out for older members of the group, with flat group and minimal stairs. The Valentine Room is often used for older guests as it has easy access and is near to the Drawing Room.

What should we bring to wear?

As Laragai House is at a high altitude, it is good to pack for both warm and cool weather.

It is wise to choose clothing in neutral, camouflage colours such as brown, khaki, stone or beige which will make you less visible and able to get closer to the wild animals you may want to see. It is also advisable to layer your clothing as this provides more warmth when necessary and allows you to remove clothing during the hottest period of the day.

Should I bring extra money with me?

Your stay at Laragai House is inclusive of activities (with the exception of horse riding, which is an extra $80 per ride, scenic flights and helicopter rides), meals, house wines and spirits and conservation fees. Any extra costs incurred on a visit to Laragai House can be paid for using our card machine.

Any extra, smaller costs, including gratuities, can be paid for in cash. Both USD and KSH is welcome.

What is the best amount of time to stay at Laragai House for?

We always suggest staying with us at Laragai House for a minimum of three nights, but even then we feel this is just too short! With so much to do and see, both in the house’s grounds and on Borana Conservancy, three to four nights can make for an enjoyable stay.

In 2019, we have introduced a week rate for those looking special rate to invite friends and family on holiday in their favourite safari location; Laragai House. The rate is fully inclusive and aims to show our guests the best of safari, while also remaining relaxing, invigorating and rejuvenating; a true family holiday in the heart of Kenya.