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Helicopter Trips

A snow-capped mountain, deserts, volcanic lakes, lush tropical forests, open savannahs – as well as plenty of mammals, birds and plant life in some of these awe-inspiring natural habitats – this is a land with so much to explore. Laragai House is extremely well placed to set off into the great north by helicopter, with the country’s most experienced pilots.

The most privileged way to feel the diversity and grandness of Kenya’s highest mountain is by helicopter at dawn. Circle above the vast and desolate mountain with its towering summit, sheer cliffs and glaciers. A delicious picnic breakfast is supplied and you can spend a few hours fly fishing for rainbow trout from the lakeshore. Even more adventurous is a flight to Ol Lolokwe, the sacred mountain of Northern Kenya’s Samburu people. The mountain rises a virtually sheer 3,000 feet above the plains with a flat summit covered with giant cycads (one of the planet’s oldest plants) lending the whole place a distinctly ‘Lost World’ feel but without the inconvenience of carnivorous dinosaurs. Flying low level over the Ewaso Nyiro River, its banks shaded by graceful doum palms, amongst other animals, you should be on the lookout for crocodiles and hippo.

The helicopter takes a maximum of five passengers for a scenic flight only, or four people if landing on the mountain.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Stand-up paddle boarding on the dam on Borana Conservancy is a fun and unique activity for all of the family.

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