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Borana Conservancy

The Mission

Borana Conservancy, in partnership with its neighbouring communities, provides a sustainable ecosystem for critically endangered species, including black rhino, elephant, lion, reticulated giraffe and Grevy’s zebra. The holistic approach commits tourism, livestock and other commercial enterprises to building local livelihoods and enhance ecosystem integrity. Borana Conservancy has assisted the funding, development, marketing and management of community-owned conservation initiatives like Tassia, Oreteti and Il N’gwesi who work collaboratively with the Kenya Wildlife Service to ensure their neighbours are not adversely affected by human wildlife conflict.

East Africa’s Biggest Rhino Sanctuary

In 2013, in an innovative move, Borana and Lewa decided to drop their fences to create the Borana-Lewa Landscape. This decision, which put the needs of the wildlife before anything else, allows animals to cross between the two conservancies and increases their living space by double to create the largest, and one of the most successful, rhino habitats in East Africa.

Now over 160 black and white rhinos call the Lewa-Borana Landscape home and their relocation, protection and ongoing care has allowed their numbers to flourish over the years.


Borana Conservancy is proud to report zero poaching incidents over the last six years. This is largely due to Borana’s community focused conservation efforts, along with the dedicated team of over 120 male and female rangers.

Such a high ranger density is crucial to anti-poaching efforts and the effective biological management and monitoring of rhino. This conservation success story could not have been achieved without support from key conservation partners: Save The Rhino International, For Rangers, The Kenya Wildlife Service and Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.

Your stay positively impacts the lives of wildlife and local communities and we encourage all guests to experience first hand the plethora of conservation projects that are managed by the conservancy.


Borana Conservancy

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